SLX Linings

Spoilt For Choice

The SLX Collection of Linings have been designed to offer our customers the perfect choice. Whether it is a requirement for the highest quality lining, or have a budget to adhere to, whether it’s a blackout lining or an interlining we have the ideal lining solution.

The majority of our linings range feature superb crease resistance and light fastness.

SUPERIOR QUALITY LININGS – Our DB1 Lining is the lining of the future. The composition, construction and finish has been designed to make a fuller, more elegantly flowing drape by enhancing the sheen, reducing the creasing and increasing the width. Quite Simply the DB1 lining is the cream of the crop!

BLACKOUT & THERMAL LININGS – Our Blackout Linings are designed not only to provide total darkness, but also offer excellent sound insulation, energy saving and thermal properties.

INTERLINING – For the customer who requires an opulent finish, we have an extensive range of Interlinings that bring increased bulk to the drape for that richer look.

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